Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the relationship between the Mounted Police Post Gift Shop and the RCMP?

The Mounted Police Post Gift Shop and this Website are privately owned and operated. The connection to the RCMP comes from the store selling licenced RCMP products making it an Official RCMP Product Retailer.

Question: Does any of the money from this store or site go to support the RCMP?

Some of the money does go back to the RCMP. The Mounted Police Foundation was set up in 1995 to license RCMP products that could be sold, and use the royalties toward enhancing community policing. The Mounted Police Post Gift Shop buys RCMP products from licensed suppliers and therefore supports the Mounted Police Foundation's efforts through the royalties paid on licensed products.

Question: Doesn't Disney own the rights to RCMP merchandise?

Before 1995 there was no licensing program and the RCMP had little control over what products were made in their image. When the Mounted Police Foundation was set up, they soon realized that they didn't have the knowledge or experience in product licencing and marketing. Clearly they needed outside assistance to set up their program. Disney was chosen because they had an international presence, superior licensing knowledge, and an appropriate corporate image that meet the RCMP's requirements. Disney was given a 5 year contract to handle the marketing and licencing of RCMP products on behalf of the Mounted Police Foundation (Disney never owned the rights, they just acted as an agent on behalf of the RCMP). That agreement has now expired, and although there was some controversy over the decision, the experience Disney offered set the licensing program on smooth path which now is fully operated by the Foundation.

About the RCMP:

Question: Why don't we see the members of the RCMP wearing their Red Tunics?

There is nothing like the sight of a Mountie dressed in their Red Serge and Stetson. This is the image that the world thinks of when they think of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Historically the Red Serge and Stetson was the main uniform for the RCMP; today the Red Serge and Stetson is reserved for formal occasions. Although the Serge is very sharp looking, it isn't the most practical uniform for day to day use. So for their day to day duties, members of the RCMP are dressed in a less spectacular, but a more practical, uniform.

Question: When did the RCMP stop using horses for regular duties?

The horses were discontinued in from regular field use in the late 1930's. Today, the majority of the horses used by the RCMP are for the Musical Ride.

Question: What is the RCMP Musical Ride?

Historically, the RCMP Musical Ride is based on calvary manoeuvres. In the early days the RCMP were scattered across the Canadian prairies. Whenever a sufficient number of men and horses were stationed, the men made it part of their entertainment to practice drill and to demonstrate their riding skills. This evolved into performances of their riding skill for the public, and the first official performance took place in Regina in 1887. Today, the Musical Ride performs across Canada and at international venues. They will perform at between 40 and 50 locations every year.

About the Web Site:

Question: Is using my credit card on this site safe?

Yes, using your credit card is safe on this site. We use the latest in encryption technology to scramble the credit card information you provide in order to keep your credit card information completely confidential. In addition, doesn't collect your credit card information, so your credit card information remains between you and your bank. For more information see our Security Policy.

Question: Why am I being asked to agree with a Sales Contract?

When you have chosen your items and proceed through the Check Out process, you will be asked to read and accept our Sales Contract. We have put in place this Sales Contract for three basic reasons: 1) To confirm the details of your transaction including purchased items and shipping services. 2) To protect you by telling you upfront what to expect in terms of product and services you are paying for. 3) To comply with the, Province of B.C.'s, Fair Trading Act which spells out certain disclosure requirements for Online Retailers to meet (including providing a Sales Contract).

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